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Private sessions, adapted to your objectives and needs.

Private sessions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to learn faster and deeper. In Senkikan Dojo's private sessions, one or two experienced instructors will work with you one-on-one to take you from the basics to the in-depth, as well as help hone your physical abilities.

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Private sessions offer students the opportunity to receive personalized instruction, so that the development approach is fully tailored to the needs of the practitioner.

This one-on-one attention can help students focus attention on areas of improvement faster and more deeply, resulting in better form and technique.

Senkikan Dojo's private sessions offer the opportunity to work on a wide variety of fields, such as the study of Kata, different Undo (complementary exercises and apparatus), Kihon (concepts), Waza (technique), different forms of Kumite (combat) , Tairyoku (physical preparation), etc.

If you really want efficient progress and a notable improvement in your karate and your physical abilities, contact us and we will inform you. Our professionalism and quality guarantee us.

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